October 12, 2011

wedding attire

Rodarte for Target Dress | Vintage Chanel Bag | F21 Dome Ring

Wore this to a friends wedding a couple weeks ago.
I purchased this dress probably about a year ago and just wore it for the first time. 
I tend to do that a lot with my dresses (and all other clothes in my closet...)! 


  1. This is so cute, I love the black lace detail. I totally know what you mean too, I do that all the time and they still will have the tags on them a year later. haha, guess it's good to buy dresses we can wear year after year though. Hope you had fun at the wedding.

  2. It looks like a lovely dress from what I can see =P Hope you had a great time at the wedding!

  3. I have to go to a wedding soon...and keep wanting to buy a new dress for it...but then realized that I have at least 3 dresses in my closet that I haven't worn yet, and have tags attached hahaha
    I love the lace pattern of your dress..and the pink is gorgeous! can't leave the house without the Chanel piece! looks great!

    Enter my GIVEAWAY!

  4. Your dress looks beautiful. And very nice Chanel bag, oh la la:)

  5. Omg you and I think the same! I've done that with dresses so many times! I bought dresses I liked thinking that one day I will wear it to an event but not sure when! I always had problems finding the right dress when it's close to an event so when I find something I like I buy it and just pull it out of my closet when it's time! Btw - Love the combination: Chanel, red nails and lace print!

  6. that happens to me all the time...buying it is the funnest part hahaha


  7. We love your wedding attire very much! The color and print is amazing! The bag is also gorgeous! We love it very much!

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