October 13, 2011

more buns

So last week I posted about the Sock Bun, here. I've tried it a couple more times since then but have yet to really nail it down. I use too much water or not enough...either way I tend to get a lot of frizz and areas that don't curl right. Sad face. However, I am completely obsessed with the messy bun right now! If you haven't seen it yet this is Geri's tutorial for the perfect bun, two ways. Love it!


  1. Thank you for sharing this video regarding making a perfect bun! We love it very much! Very nice post!

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  2. Yeah! I tried the sock bun to curl my hair too but it's not coming out like the video :( I was really going for an easy curling method for my long hair.

  3. Thanks for sharing!


  4. omgosh....FUN tutorial!! thanks for sharing...I can go perfect my chic bun look haha


  5. Your style (and your blogging style) is just too cute. I just spent like half an hour on your Etsy website, I looove everything you make. I wish I knew how to make jewelry! I would probably make a nameplate necklace like your "Love" bracelet. The dash bracelet reminds me of a bracelet called the gorjana bar bracelet, except better made and cheaper. going on my xmas list for sure :) Just curious how you got started with jewelry making? I'm new to the blog kinda so maybe if you already wrote a post about this before you can direct me back :)



  6. loving the tutorial. I have also been trying out the messy bun cause when the weather gets chilly I hate it when my hair tangles up in my scarf or hoody. Thanks so much for sharing!



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