October 6, 2011


Last week I came across the "Sock Bun Tutorial" on pinterest. 
I watched the youtube video and once it was over, I scrambled to find a sock to use that night!
You basically wrap your hair in a sock and the next morning you wake up with curls. No heat needed.
Sounds weird, I know, but it definitely works!

Morning hair
After taking the sock out...sweet ponytail
A little wild, had to finish it off with some product
End result
I don't think my hair was damp enough and some areas were a bit frizzy. 
But I will definitely be using this method more often! 

What do you girls think? Will you try it?!


  1. great tip.i'll try it out.
    have a nice day. :)

  2. I WANT YOUR GORGEOUS WAVES!!!! aaah...so jealous!!
    I love your bun too!! so perfectly....round? haha
    you're gorgeous....the end.


  3. Wow, looks great! You have beautiful hair! I will try it!

    Kisses from HK,

  4. your hair is amazing. I will definitely try this!! :)

  5. i actually really like the bun!! haha.

    p.s. isn't pinterest replete of great ideas :)

  6. NIce look! Haha about your new post, I am a san diego native and I think I only went whale watching once! It was fun but only saw one damn whale.. Ha

    Peace! ~Angel

  7. your wavy hair and perfect skin is enviable!


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