July 5, 2011

forever young

It's already Tuesday! One of the best things about holiday weekends is relaxing, spending time at home, and celebrating. This holiday weekend was filled with all of the above (with the addition of holiday sales- see last post). The weather was beyond beautiful and it was nice to just sit outside, relax, and not worry about a thing. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend as well! 

Here are a few photos from this weekend: a very casual outfit, the bf, the backyard, our beloved pup- Harley (she's definitely not a puppy, but always will be to me!), and fireworks!

F21 top, AE shorts, Nordstrom necklace, MK watch, vintage LV bag


  1. The last picture is my favorite firework to see! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend :)

  2. Lovely photos! Glad you had great fourth of July! :)


  3. wow you take some amazing pics love!!

  4. love your pictures. your outfit is so cute. carefree and stylish :)


  5. these photos are TERRIFIC. love the de-saturation on the first couple photos... i really like the fact that your shorts are relaxed and classic - all in all a very polished look!

    with love,


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