May 16, 2011


May Grey was in full effect this weekend. I know everyone probably thinks I'm crazy but living in San Diego  makes you quite spoiled...when it's not  clear skies, I tend to complain. What a baby, huh?! 

H&M button up, AE jeggings, Aldo boots, MK watch, vintage & gifted rings, 
Hammered Triangle Necklace from my Etsy Shop, Mom's vintage Gucci bag


  1. Cute boots! I've been trying to get my fill of boots while the weather is still a bit cool. Orange County has me pretty spoiled, too!!

  2. your blouse is really great! I love your style
    follow you

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my page. I'm new at this bloggin so I was really excited to get a comment.

    I also think your page is so nice! It's very natural and you dress for yourself which I think makes you so appealing.

    I wonder if blogspot has a "reply" section. Still trying to figure this out...



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