January 22, 2011

forever young

Another gorgeous day spent at Balboa Park. It reminds me so much of my childhood. 
The architecture and the beautiful scenery...it never gets old. 

Frenchi tank, AE scarf, cardigan from Target, AE jeggings, Miz Mooz 'King' riding boots, 
Fossil bf watch, gifted rings, vintage Chanel bag


  1. you+balboa park, never looked so good!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love everything about this outfit, it's simple, chic and so flattering. Love it! And you look so beautiful as usual! <3

  3. great outfit! that place is beautiful!

    I follow you!!!!

    hope u follow me back ;)


  4. Great photos!! I couldn't agree more about the architecture and scenery!
    Thats how I feel when I go home to SF and play tourist.
    Your new boots look so cute!!

  5. i love balboa park and your outfit! i just went a couple of weeks ago for "free museum tuesday" when it was super hot outside.
    you can see my post on it here: http://platinumteaparty.blogspot.com/2011/01/reach-for-sun.html

    your posts are always great! keep writing :)
    xoxo, holeh

  6. balboa park is amazing!! i ran a race their a few years ago. such an adorable outfit

    <3 your blog doll!

  7. thanks lady! ;)
    i'll be sure to check out your blog as well


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