January 26, 2011


From left to right: Maybelline 'warm me up,' Revlon 'wrap yourself in rubies,' Revlon 'lovestruck,' Revlon 'strawberry suede,' Jane Iredale 'carrie,' Nars 'fire down below,' Laura Mercier 'bare lips,' MAC 'viva glam,' MAC 'capricious,' MAC 'half n half,' MAC 'freckletone'

I LOVE lipstick. I love all the different colors and oddly enough, I love all the different smells. Truth is, I tend to stick to the same shades and I need to branch out more. Do you have any suggestions? What are your favorite colors to wear?

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  1. I'm obsessed with mark.'s Lipclick in Coral Fixation! And the packing is amazing it has a magnetic case so it never comes apart in your bag! http://livingaftermidnite.blogspot.com/2010/09/mark-at-fashions-night-out-nyc.html

    Love your blog!



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