April 14, 2010

mmmm tomato soup

My darling boyfriend is getting his wisdom teeth removed Saturday morning and he has given me a list of foods that he would like. Of course he has asked for applesauce, pudding, and ice cream...but the one thing that he was begging for was: soup (and I'm not talking about soup from a can, blehh!)

So I've decided I'm going to make him Tyler Florence's Roasted Tomato Soup. It's creamy and delicious and perfect with a grilled cheese sandwich- although he will have to skip the sandwich part. 

[images via tylerflorence.com]


  1. Oh this looks soooo delicious. For this soup it is almost worth getting the wisdom teeth removed :)

  2. this is one of my favs!! and it's sooo easy to prepare! =)

  3. my mom do the same soup

    it is very healthy

    with a lot of herbs and small tosts!

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