April 17, 2010


Last weekend my boyfriend and I drove up to Laguna Beach (it's about an hour and 15 minutes away). There is something about Laguna that is so charming to me. Perhaps because it is a beach city just like mine... or  walking around and poking my head in all the little shops... or maybe it's just the drive home on the PCH. 
Either way, when my boyfriend says he wants to go up there I do not complain. 

Of course his main objective is the skimboarding...

{Victoria Skimboards- he picked up a new board..he 'needed' it}

Although, it seems every time we go we try a different spot to eat and we are never impressed. This time we tried a place called "Nick's" and I had high hopes because I found it had great reviews on Yelp! 
Blah. Another let down..

I did enjoy spending the day with my boyfriend despite the lackluster meal!


  1. Such a wonderful picture of you two. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  2. looks like a great time! xxnicole

  3. thank you! it was such a beautiful day but way too cold to get in the water! =)


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