August 11, 2011


My friend & makeup artist, Morgan, came over last week to give me some makeup tips. She showed me some simple tricks on how to apply eye shadow (I am horrible at applying eye makeup- besides eyeliner and mascara) how to blend, and where to apply certain shades. She also showed me how to use the makeup I already have so I wouldn't have to purchase a million new things. Plus, we got to try out my new products from the giveaway I won!

I wanted a good day & night option and this was the result:

I love both equally. The day time look is so classic and simple. 
This night time look will be perfect for my upcoming trip to Vegas!

I seriously could not get over the dark blue. Whenever I used to think of blue eye shadow or blue eyeliner I would cringe. Then I saw it popping up a lot lately and honestly, I was scared to try it. But now... I'm totally sold, this is brilliant. Thanks Morgan! I loved the whole process and learned so much!

What do you think? Do you like my day & night look?


  1. Omigosh, that is gorgeous, especially the daytime look. Man, I really need to learn how to put eye shadow as well. I tend to look more like a 10 year old experimenting with her mother's makeup bag. haha And your eyelashes look so awesome here! Not clumpy at all, but fine and delicate. :)

  2. so very stunning!! i just got a blue eyeshadow that i've been dying to debut on my blog but haven't found the "right way" to wear it...

    with love,

  3. Love it!!!! :) My friend and I are gonna try this one!!!

  4. You know I love it! : )


  5. Whoa, that looks so, so pretty! I am so bad with eyeshadows, hehe. I love this look though, you look like a movie star!


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