June 29, 2011

passing prairies

It was so hot outside the day that these photos were taken. My upper lip instantly started perspiring...sexy huh? 

I have been trying to transition my makeup to a more natural look for summer. Anyone have any good products I should try? I love blush, bronzers, etc. Also, has anyone tried Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray? I want a good product I can throw in my hair but I don't want it to be super drying.

P.S. Smile- it's Wednesday! The weekend will be here soon! =)

H&M tank, AE Artist Jeans, F21 belt, Target sandals, vintage clutch


  1. You are hot!!! I am your secret admirer!!!

  2. lovely outfit!


  3. Your hair is so pretty! I've heard the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray is really good. I use a different (cheaper, hehe) brand, and it makes your hair look pretty and wavy instead of frizzy :) I love your whole look!

    Happy wednesday!

  4. I love the simplicity of that long gold chain. I've been hearing all about this surf spray, gotta pick me up some!

  5. I really like Surf Spray, but I actually use it as a texturizer to enhance my blow dry. My bangs have a mind of their own, and my stylist showed me how to spray it though them before blowdrying. It gives them texture to stay put.
    I tried to spray it through and let it dry, but my hair frizzes out. I like it better to "surf" style hair I've washed before bed, after it has air dried.

  6. love the clutch!


  7. I'm loving your clutch and bangles!

  8. LOVE IT! BTW, I've awarded you the Liebster Blog Award: http://moxieartistry.blogspot.com/2011/06/aww-another-blog-award.html


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