October 13, 2010

dress up

Last year for Halloween I was a peacock-my fave! My bf helped me put my costume together and unfortunately the party we went to was super lame. I definitely want to wear this costume again but I couldn't do it two years in a row. Can you guess what I'm going to be dressed as this year??? here's a hint...


  1. Harry Potter? Sexy teacher? Either way you are going to look gorgeous :)

  2. correct-i'm gonna be harry potter! i've got my wand and my time turner haha! thanks lady ;)

  3. OMG I seriously love that peacock costume! Wanna make one for me, I seriously not that talented! haha

  4. How did you make this? I want to be a peacock for halloween! I love it!!

  5. thanks ladies!! it's super easy! I purchased the electric blue corset and a pack of peacock feathers- found them both on Ebay. i bought glue that could be used on clothing(Michaels) and attached the peacock feathers to the corset and let dry over night. I also bought a cheap headband and glued a peacock feather to it, or you can easily purchase one from Forever21- they have a lot right now! buy a bunch of tulle in different colors(Michaels), wrap and tie them around an elastic band that will comfortable fit around your waist. then i glued a bunch of feathers to the back of my tutu. i had a pair of boy shorts that matched the color of my tutu so i wore those under. put on some peacock inspired eyeshadow and nail polish and your good to go!!

    hope that helps! if you have any questions let me know! ;)


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