May 3, 2010

mmmm enchiladas

I found this Enchilada Recipe last year and it has continuously made it's way back to the dinner table! The only change I made to the recipe is using roasted chicken (store bought is perfectly fine) to give it a little extra substance. It's delicious, cheesy and the sauce is way better than the jarred stuff! Usually served with refried beans and mexican rice on the side. 
Photo via: Taste of Home


  1. its a necklace from forever 21 that i wrap around my wrist a bunch of times.. i love it because of it's versatility but it has a tendency to get very tangled lol

  2. yes, i can definitely see how it can get tangled! i like how you made it into a bracelet- very cute and creative! =)

  3. wow!
    very nice.

    i like your recipes!:)


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