September 13, 2012

oh, hi.

So last weekend I went to Vegas to celebrate one of my besties bachelorette parties. 
I am STILL recovering..with no voice and
catching up on sleep since I only got about 8 hours ALL weekend!

I won't go into detail because obviously whatever happens in know the rest.
Here are a few highlights of a fabulous weekend with 13 girls:

+ VIP at Thunder From Down Under
+ Cabana & pool ALL day
+ Bottle service at Tryst
+ Dancing and singing/rapping all our songs
+ Spending time with my girls
& meeting a bunch of new ladies
+ Best Vegas trip of my life!


  1. Looks like fun! I went to Vegas in August and loved it. And we go to Thunder every time, and it keeps getting better :)

  2. you have me itching for a vegas trip and you were def shutting it down in that black dress!!! (love the lace number on you as well!)

    1. girl i can't even think of going back yet - STILL recovering! but it's always such a fun time! and thank you :) i don't get many chances to wear vegas dresses but when i do, you know i gotta do it right! xx

  3. Excited to find your blog and looking forward to ordering something off your etsy store!

  4. Where is the second dress from the one that kind of looks like lace? I LOVE it!!!


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