May 7, 2012

pros & cons

Well hey there. I hope you are having a lovely Monday. As for me...meh. 
Let's start with the cons so we can end on a good note.

Cons: See the photo above (this is actually somewhat organized)...yea, this is my whole week. 
Non-stop studying, papers, and finals. Too much to do in so little time. Sleep? Fagedaboudit. 
I feel like any minute now I feel like my head is going to explode or implode- either one of those. 

Pros: My last finals are next Monday. After that this semester will be history... buh bye now. 
As of right now, I will be graduating next spring! Yayyyyyyy!

So if you don't see me until next week, you'll know exactly what I'm up to! 

In the meantime be sure to follow along on Instagram! My username is cheryl_clements

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