April 5, 2012


The bf & I purchased a beautiful piece of wood to use as a shelf in our living room.  We searched for the perfect pair of mounting brackets but never found anything we liked.  That was, until I found a picture with these amazing industrial mounts.  I love them because they are so unique and best of all- you can buy all of the pieces at Home Depot!

We are hoping to get this shelf mounted tomorrow, so I will be sure to show you a picture once it is finished! 

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  1. Love! Can't wait to see it finished. You totally need to go to this store in North Park called Aloha Sunday. The owners custom built all their own fixtures and furniture using all reclaimed wood and industrial piping, etc. You'd totally dig it!

    1. ahhh thanks for the recommendation! love all things industrial, wood, and reclaimed!


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