March 18, 2012

happy [04]

This week was midterms (barf)...thank goodness they are done and over with.  It's been super rainy/cold- so if it continues I'm sure I'll be spending my spring break cuddled in a blanket watching trashy tv.  That actually doesn't sound so bad! Despite all of the studying and test taking there were a few things that made me happy this week:

seriously, no explanation needed. 
finally reaching more than 1500 sales
eggs & cheese on toast...cholula makes everything taste better.
just finished my first hand-stamped initials for a bride!
Mrs Stephanie T


  1. ohh i love the stamped necklaces :)

  2. Cholula really does make everything better!

  3. Even through the rain and exams, it still sounds like a fantastic week (according to the images)! xoxo A-

  4. PS - I love the Ivory & Gold Damask Earrings! First time I've been on your Etsy site! xoxo A-

  5. I crazy for asking what Cholula is? I've never heard of it. Either way, eggs and cheese on toast looks YUM.

    Mmmmm donuts. I would eat an apple fritter AND donut holes every day if my hips & thighs would let me.

    1. hahaha you are not crazy for asking!! it's a hot sauce that you can purchase at just about any grocery store- it's freakin delicious! yesssssss i would love to eat donuts and apple fritters everyday but our bodies would HATE us!

    2. Hmmm I'm gonna have to snag some up at the grocery store tonight!

      My fiance and I are having mini apple fritters made for our wedding and I a small (okay..let's be real, ALL of me) wants the baker to make an extra batch just for me :)

  6. The donuts look so good right now! And thank you for commenting on my post about the cinnamon pops. I came to look at your blog, was like ohh pretty! then saw this post and saw you say you reached 1500 sales, I'm like oh wow I wonder what she sells, I'm scrolling.... then see the (BEAUTIFUL) necklaces you made for a bride. So I click your shop and was like OMG! OMG! OMG!

    I have your Etsy store bookmarked on my computer at my work and at home! I love your stuff!!! lol The hand stamped necklaces are beyond pretty!

  7. Thank you so much, Stevie! I am obsessed with donuts!! I hope you love your new ring! :)


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