March 1, 2012

happy [02]

This week has been really stressful and chaotic. Between midterms, getting ready to move, getting all of my shipments mailed out, and putting my etsy on hold- it's driving me nuts! All of our boxes are taped up and everything should be moved into our new place by tomorrow (yeee!!) I cannot wait to get everything unpacked and show you everything! Until then, here are my little bits of happiness this week (IG style)...

cannot get enough of this UO scarf
barista doodles
only wearing mascara, concealer, and a little blush and being perfectly fine with it
this little face

What's made you happy this week? Feel free to link up with Stephanie's blog

Mrs Stephanie T


  1. great list!!

    i wish my baristas doddled on my cups lol

    cute puppy!!

  2. i totally know what you mean! sometimes i have the worst weeks, and with all of your stuff going on i can't even imagine! but it looks like scarves, starbucks, and puppies can make everything a little better. ;)

  3. You don't even need makeup! That's what I've been doing too. I can't be bothered with wearing eye shadow and eyeliner everyday.

  4. i had my VERY FIRST DQ Blizzard in January... and I have to say... I need more in my life. soooo good!


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