December 29, 2011


Are you guys as obsessed with Deborah Lippmann nail polish as I am? 

It's pretty safe to say that I want every. single. color
At $16 a pop it's obvious that purchasing every. single. color is definitely not going to happen. 
Do any of you girls have a favorite color that I should try? I can't make up my mind!


  1. Those glitter ones are so cool!

  2. I really love the blue and greeny glittery nail varnish! I don't own any myself but this one looks so so pretty

  3. I've heard the glittery ones are really great! But, for that price, they better be. My cut-off is $14 for Butter London.

  4. I am kind of obsessed with DL too. Why do they have to be so darn expensive!?!!

  5. Love Deborah Lippmann nailpolish! It is so pricey, but I have yet to use a higher quality polish my manicures last so much longer with her polish and all the colors are lust worthy!


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