November 6, 2011


Christmas will be here faster then we know it. Every year I scramble to find things to put on my list. 
Fortunately, this year I definitely do not have that problem. I have been lusting over everything! 
Here are some of the items on my ZARA list. Since I don't live near a ZARA location,
 the online shopping is ridiculously tempting.

Trying to not shop for myself before Christmas is agonizing!

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  1. There's a Zara @ South Coast Plaza in OC. :) You should check it out... and love that gold clutch thing

  2. a wonderful christmas list indeed!! I love all of your picks!!hope you get them all :)


  3. @Amanda: I hope I get them all too! ;)

    @Tammy: I know! It's so hard to find time to drive all the way there. Ideally I would love to go every 1-2 weeks ;) haha


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