November 12, 2011


A couple weeks ago the lovely people over at Misikko were kind enough to send me a 
Hana 1.5" Flat Iron (along with a bunch of other goodies). I rarely flat iron my hair,
 so I was anxious to see how this one compared to all of the others I've tried.

I was so surprised at how well this flat iron works! I usually have to go over a section a few times to get it completely straight but this straightened with ease. It left my hair super shiny and smooth. I really recommend getting this flat iron -or adding it to your Christmas list ;) Plus, it is on sale for $132.99 (reg. $214.99)...who doesn't love that?!

Be sure to check out the Misikko site for other amazing offers:


  1. looks FAB! it did a perfect job! I need one! haha

    XXX The Sydney Girl

  2. I have the CHI and I sometimes I need to go over it more than once-very time consuming.

  3. cheryl your hair looks great straight! Love that top too!!

  4. Your hair looks beautiful! And I ADORE your top!

  5. How fun! I actually need a good curling iron. I have the straightest hair ever to be made! Thanks for the product review =)

    - Sarah

  6. You're so pretty! And the iron looks like it worked well. I'll need a new one soon but first I have to replace my blow dryer

  7. Your hair looks amazing!! It seems to have worked well!

  8. How does this compare to the ceramic straighteners? Haven't heard of titanium straighteners yet, maybe it's the next big thing!

    1. It definitely is the next best thing! I have been using it almost everyday since this post and it never fries my hair. I love it! :)


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