November 30, 2011

buen apetito

Recently the boy & I set out to try one of the restaurants on our "we have to eat there" list. 
Okay, we don't have an actual piece of paper with restaurants written on it...but if we did, this would be on it...
in bold letters, with an appropriate highlighter color. Yea, I'm really OCD like that. 

Bencotto resides in Little Italy and offers an assortment of italian cuisine with the perfect modern twist.
  The food is divine, the service is amazing, and the decor has the perfect industrial edge. 
The whole experience was lovely.  

Elderflower Pop: Prosecco, Saint Germain Elderflower Liquer, D'Arbo Elderflower
Tagliatelle Al Nero Di Seppia:
hand cut black squid-ink fettuccine in pink spicy shrimp sauce
Semifreddo Alle Mandorle:
half-frozen mousse w/ almonds, amaretto cookies, chocolate sauce
Teal silk blazer, Banana Republic skirt, Lush blazer, Steve Madden heels, Hermès wallet


  1. the boyfriend and I actually DO have a written down list... but of the different burger joints to try in SD. :]

  2. The skirt seems to be pretty nice :)

  3. Oh my gosh, that looks INCREDIBLE.


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