March 24, 2011

good on ya

Last week Forever21 had a brilliant idea: "100% of every dollar you spend online today will go toward the earthquake & tsunami relief efforts in Japan." 
Most places offer to donate a percentage of the money they receive but I wanted to make sure everything I was donating was going to Japan.  This was a great way for me to donate as much money as I could! Yes, I managed to find some great pieces but my heart still aches for everyone affected. Here is what I purchased and donated:
Watercolor Floral Ruffled Top $14.90
Crochet Eyelet Sundress $24.80
Self-Tie Tribal Dress $19.90
Woven Ruffle Top $19.80
Parallelogram Open Jacket $22.90


  1. i did some shopping too :) and im dying over the white dress! how could i have missed that!!! xo

  2. oh I didn't know this was going on :( great purchases btw- I love all of them!


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