December 1, 2010

heading for the cold

The Fam & I decided to skip the Black Friday chaos and head up to the mountains to relax and unwind. I had the cutest outfit picked out. Then I was told that it was going to be very cold and we were going hiking, so I had to wear shoes that I didn't mind getting muddy. Imagine how disappointed I was. Mind you, I am from San Diego and what I perceive as 'cold' is completely ridiculous. That being said, I have nothing in my closet that could prevent frostbite (over-dramatic, I know). In my best attempts: I threw on a cami, a long sleeve shirt, two jackets, a scarf, some gloves, and my old pumas- Needless to say, I felt like the Michelin man. Although the weather was so cold, the hike was so incredibly beautiful and serene. It was definitely  worth the marshmallow attire and freezing temps!


  1. Gorgeous photos! You look adorable!

  2. is you boyfriend james franco?? lol totally looks just like him


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