November 23, 2010

food for thought

This past weekend we went to Bankers Hill Bar & Restaurant  to celebrate my "mother in-laws" 50th birthday.  The restaurant incorporates a rustic and industrial look: a mixture of antique wood walls, old brick flooring, and industrial sliding doors- all of which, I absolutely adore.
The food was delicious and reasonably priced. Truffle fries with an aioli dipping sauce...ummm, YES PLEASE! My only complaint: we sat in an area which was mostly lit up by candle light. While it gave off a romantic ambiance, I couldn't see what I was eating. Nonetheless, I would definitely eat here again.
The birthday girl looking not a day over 30 ;)


  1. Ohmigod!! 50???? Are you sure?! Lol, she looks so young!! You look beautiful as usual! <3

  2. yes! she looks fantastic! thank you anna ;)


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