September 14, 2010

j'taime chanel

There's nothing like taking a leisurely trip over to a thrift store and finding a vintage Chanel handbag.  NOTHING. I have been quite lucky with my findings- so much that a couple years ago I started to collect vintage Chanel pieces from random thrift shops. My collection has grown quite a bit, but my heart still flutters when I find a new piece! 

This little beauty is one of my most recent finds. The taupe quilted leather is extremely soft! I was delighted to find that the inside was in pristine condition: no rips, no ink stains, and the Chanel tag still intact. It also has a long gold chained strap that is not pictured (this particular day I decided to use it as a clutch). 

I'll make sure to post my whole collection in the near future!


  1. oh my gosh, i never have luck at thrift stores. this is beautiful!

  2. What an amazing find! You have the best luck!


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